Saint Quentin-en-Yvelines – the visual treatment for a new town


Published in Graphis 195, 1978/9. “The sculpture, one metre in height, announces the new town on an approach road.”

Kinneir Calvert Associates were invited to propose a holistic approach towards the identity and visual treatment for a new French city south of Paris, Saint Quentin-en-Yvelines. Margaret designed the ‘SQ’ logo and bespoke slab-serif lettering. Jock translated numerals and other symbols into three-dimensional location signs1. The proposal and lettering was, in the end, not selected for being “too British”2. The typeface drawn by Calvert went on to be used for the Tyne & Wear Metro, The Royal College of Art identity and for the World’s End estate in Kensington & Chelsea. It was commercialised by Monotype who named it ‘Calvert’.

Bound proposal document to client with tipped-in colour swatches. Prepared by Jock Kinneir.

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