Jock Kinneir begins teaching Graphic Design at the RCA as Head of Department

1 September 1964

In the summer of 1964 Richard Guyatt of the School of Graphic Design, Royal College of Art, London, is in correspondence with and subsequently engages Jock for the role of senior tutor, four days a week, which swiftly developed into becoming Head of Department (1964–69)1. In his correspondence with Guyatt, Jock, 46, refers to himself as a Graphic Design consultant2. It is understood Anthony Froshaug would have just left the department and at this point the department and course is experiencing a revalidation of its name.

On his arrival Jock published a school-wide extra-curricular brief regarding luggage labelling for a Pan-African Railway. After six years, in 1969, the amount of work on at the office prompts Jock to take a step back to being a Visiting Lecturer one day a week, this continues for five years to 1974. During his time he was involved in the design of Captain Cook’s Florilegium produced by the Lion and Unicorn Press.

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  1. Please note that the 2014 RCA publication GraphicsRCA: Fifty Years and Beyond admits being erroneous with the dates of Jock’s employment. ↩︎

  2. RCA Archive ↩︎